Other Tropical and Decorative Plants


Cut year round to create a lovely and long lasting flower arrangement


Sold as individual plants or planted in Succulent Dish Gardens, these plants make attractive houseplants or gifts and can be planted in your yard as an attractive drought-tolerant option


Pride of India

This potted plant makes a wonderful houseplant, it loves shade and does not require a lot of water

Boston Ferns

These lush full ferns are a perennial favorite.  We have modified the soil mix so these ferns can go longer between watering and thrive with minimal care.  All of the ferns are sold in self-watering 8 inch pots with steel hangers. 

Care: Place the fern where it can receive morning sunlight or indirect afternoon light.  Water every three days with one quart of water directly into the pot, avoid misting/spraying the fronds.

Kentia Palms

These slow growing, shade loving palms, also make excellent houseplants.  Available year round


Many people are surprised to learn these tropical blooming plants are actually succulents.  They make wonderful patio plants, bloom during the summer months and most varieties are very fragrant.

Care:  Plumerias should located where they can receive a good amount of sunlight and a good amount of heat (but avoid placing them in areas that will reach temperatures in the 90's(F) and above.  Water every 5 to 7 days thoroughly, and make sure that the plant drains well. A good soil mixture should contain equal part pearlite to potting soil mix, less pearlite can be used with rapid draining soils (COIR potting mix works well, available at the Vista Farmers market.  Plumerias will go dormant in the colder months, the leaves will turn yellow and begin to drop.  During this time, they will only need a minimal amount of water.

Pictured to the right are some of the varieties we offer for sale. (From top to bottom): Kimo, Kaui Beauty, Donald Angus, Aztec Gold and Vera Cruz Rose. 

 All available in 1 gallon pots for $15