About Our Farm

Cosgrove Cymbidium Company is located in Encinitas, California, and has been family owned and operated since 1971. We are a boutique grower catering to orchid enthusiasts and hobbyists, specializing in orchid genera that perform well for orchid aficionados and novices alike. 

Forty years of experience has given us seasoned “green thumbs.” We grow and hybridize our own fragrant cattleyas, oncidiums, and cymbidiums as well asbeautifully unique phalaenopsis and dendrobiums.  We also operate our own plant tissue culture lab—one of the first to be created in California. 

When you purchase a plant from us, you can be confident that each plant, whether it be a full and lively Boston fern, a stately Kentia palm, or a decorative succulent planter, is grown from start to finish in our expert care. Our family takes great pride in producing top quality “California Grown” plants.

In addition to potted plants, we also sell stunning cut flowers such as fragrant flowering ginger, long lasting orchids, and anthuriums. 

Looking toward the future, we will be expanding our business, branching out into unique planters and other gorgeous plants. Be sure to check in with us soon to see what’s in bloom! 

telephone: (760) 753-8055  or e-mail us at: info@coscymcoorchids.com

Grown Locally

Since 1971 we have been growing our Orchids, Palm trees, and Boston Ferns in Encinitas, California.  Once a world hub for cut flower and plant production, we are proud to grow and sell locally.

Family Owned and Operated

The next generation of this family has integrated with the founders to continue to grow quality cut flowers and plants, and continue to hybridize and create new beautiful specimens for our customers.